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Digging deep to unearth Wilmot’s forgotten Indigenous history

North America’s biggest Indigenous longhouse was discovered in New Dundee in 1902 and excavated in the 1980s, but since then, it’s been largely overlooked

Tavistock Residents Missing the Smile and the Wave

Mario Chang Chicken provides an unforgettable experience

Where Are They Now? Dr. John English

Owners of Jake & Humphrey’s Bistro to retire September 30

Wilmot Ward 4 councillor Jennifer Pfenning running for mayor

Where Are They Now? Isabelle Boba

Ruth Penner: 50 Years and going strong

Where Are They Now? Adrian Bashford on Parliament Hill

GRCA aims to improve rural water quality through funding program

New Hamburg dairy farmer recommends the use of the Waterloo Rural Water Quality Program

Syrup from Trees

Green Hart Farms makes it easier to eat healthy and choose local

A world-renowned soil mapping company, right in Tavistock

Frey family dairy barn open house draws in 1,500

The "Golden Hens" and the Zehr family farm

Baden farmer appeals to community

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