Chiropractic Practice working on four years of adjustments in Tavistock

  • Feature   Thu, Oct 28th, 2021   Lee Griffi

By Lee Griffi
The husband-and-wife team at Tavistock Chiropractic are now in their fourth year of delivering services to area residents. Dr. Oscar Alba and Dr. Lauren Pruner also operate a clinic in Breslau, just outside of Kitchener.
“It’s been good,” says Alba. “It’s been a welcoming community which has been nice. Everybody is friendly and we can tell our patients care about us.” He adds that the Breslau clinic just doesn’t have the same small-town feel. “Breslau is basically a part of Kitchener, so you don’t get the same small town feel like we get in Tavistock.”
One measure of success for any medical service is the number of repeat patients. “Its hard to put a number on it, but we have quite a few. “People often come for maintenance once a month or when they need us. Our goal is to be there whenever we are needed be it for a regular treatment or if you’ve hurt yourself.
Alba’s wife joined the practice three years ago and the pair have continued to trade days in Tavistock and their second practice. “We are still alternating so I am in Tavistock on Mondays and Wednesdays, and she is here on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our styles of care are similar, but our personalities are a bit different. I am physically bigger and can use more pressure, but some people prefer a gentler approach with Lauren. Our theories and ideas are the same.”
Alba has been a chiropractor for six years in total and while the way he performs treatments hasn’t changed, he has learned so much from his patients. “I learn every day. Whether its ways of life or how people deal with their pain. One of the favourite parts of my job is getting to know my patients. Getting to see what they are about, what they do for a living. With that being said, I have learned a lot about farming. I knew nothing about it before coming here but I’ve learned when its planting season, when its harvest season, and what dairy quota is.”
Alba says he has noticed a trend in treatments according to what time of year it is. “Farmers go from doing all the physical work to sitting in the tractor in the fields all day because the activity is different. We see a lot of injuries when spring comes around since people start running again.”
A new service at the operation is the addition of physiotherapist Kaitlin Brazier and Alba says she has been a tremendous asset. “She has brought a lot to the different things to the practice. If a patient isn’t getting better as quickly as we would like I can refer to her. One week the patient would see her then have a chiropractic treatment the next. It makes sense for the patient, and it spreads out their health benefits as well. She concentrates on exercises to improve strength and fix the dysfunction. Collaborating and being part of a team is important and that’s why we brought her on and it’s been great. People love her.”
One service the practice has not been able to offer in recent months is massage therapy. Alba says he is but at the same time isn’t surprised at how difficult it has been to recruit for the position. “Yes, because we have people waiting for massages so whoever does come in will be very busy. I’m not surprised because the pandemic has delayed their exams. For example, we were talking to an RMT who graduated in May but can’t write her exam until December. There is a shortage of RMT’s everywhere and its pretty much impossible to book an appointment with the ones who are working.”
Other than finding a new RMT Alba says he isn’t looking to expand any time soon. “We are going to concentrate on what we are doing and take more courses to provide our patients with more services. We’ve got the two clinics and we are going to focus on what we have and help the community as much as we can.”
The practice has also teamed up with the Tavistock Assistance Program on a Christmas Toy Drive. “You don’t have to be a patient to donate a toy so anyone can pop by the office and drop something off to help make someone’s Christmas special. It’s a way we can give back to the community who has been so supportive of us.”