Council Notes

  • Council   Sun, Jan 10th, 2021   Wilmot Post Staff

Wellesley Township

Wellesley Township held their first council meeting of the year starting with the draft of the 2021 being  presented for consideration only. Highlights included:

a capital expenditure budget of approximately 3.4 million dollars which will be funded by existing reserves
an operating budget of approximately 8.6 million dollars with the largest budget lines including  3.1 million for public works, 1.25 million dollars for the fire department, and 1.7 million dollars for recreation.
no tax rates are firm until the Regional government and School Boards set their rates but taxes are anticipated to be below the average for municipalities of similar size in Southwestern Ontario
The Region is budgeting a 0% increase in water and sewer rates

On another issue relatively unique to the township, an application to keep a horse within settlement boundaries was tabled. Councillor Shelley Wagner raised concerns that these applications will increase as “our horse-drawn neighbours move away from farming and into towns” while knowingly buying properties where they are not permitted to board a horse.

She further reasoned that bylaws are in place providing for running space for dogs in kennels, and therefor similar bylaws are needed to deter owners from locking horses in barns on town lots that do not have adequate space for a horse run. Council decided to continue reviewing these applications on a case-by-case basis and passed the motion to allow the application in question that lies within the Linwood town limits.