KWSP Humane Society raises $11,000 for dog and her three puppies

  • Community   Thu, Apr 6th, 2023   Veronica Reiner
Daisy and her puppies - Black Beauty, Halo and Goldilocks.

Daisy and her puppies - Black Beauty, Halo and Goldilocks.

By Veronica Reiner
The Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth (KWSP) Humane Society raised a little over 11,000 between both centres (Kitchener and Stratford) out of a $6,500 goal for a dog and her three puppies that came into their care on March 7.
The four-year-old dog, named Daisy, arrived at the centre in active labour and gave birth to two girls and a boy. All three are currently in foster care and doing well, according to KWSP spokesperson Nasreen.
“The foster parents named the puppies after flowers, their names are - Black Beauty, Halo and Goldilocks - all after peonies!” said Nasreen. “The little babies are just starting to get active and are growing fast. But they are not ready for adoption yet.”
Nasreen said KWSP staff are monitoring them to ensure they are gaining weight and that there are no concerns with their health. Staff do regular wellness checks so that they can schedule deworming and vaccinations at appropriate times.
“Once the puppies are old enough - at around eight weeks - they will have their spay/neuter surgeries. After that they will be up for adoption,” said Nasreen.
The funds raised through the urgent appeal will cover the cost of a spay and neuter surgery for all four dogs, as well as vaccinations, parasite treatment, microchip and any other medication required and the daily cost of care.
“We are thankful to our community for their support,” said Nasreen. “Being a self-funded and self-governed organization that receives no funding from the government for our charitable programs and services, we rely on our community’s generosity to provide this life-saving, around-the-clock care.”
Extra funds received go towards other animals at the centre that need help. Nasreen said that the organization had a pregnant cat come in for urgent medical care - she had been in active labour for over a day. “Our veterinarian team performed an emergency surgery and the cat and her baby are doing well at the moment,” said Nasreen.
Daisy and her puppies will be in foster care until they are ready for adoption.