Keller Family Enjoys Brief but Entertaining Time on The Family Feud

  • Feature   Thu, Mar 31st, 2022   Lee Griffi

By Lee Griffi
They may not have gotten the opportunity to play for $10 thousand, but the Keller family wouldn’t trade their game show experience for all the money in the world. They faced off against the Taylor family from St. Catharines and wound up on the losing side, but Jackie Keller says it was an amazing experience.
“It was an absolute blast, and we had so much fun. Yes, it was a lot of work, but every interaction we had with anyone from the show throughout the entire experience was just fun. On our drive to the taping, we were even playing Family Feud in the car. The entire team had a great time, and we loved doing it. How many people do you know end up on a television game show? It’s something that we as a family will have forever.”
Question 1 – Name something people do at a pro baseball game that would be weird at a kid’s t-ball game? Result – Win!
The Keller family is as competitive a clan as you will find, and Jackie says their goal was to come home with a win. “We are definitely disappointed because we did go there to win, and we are a competitive family, so we were hoping we would get a win out of it and be able to play fast money, but it played out how it did, and it’s part of the game.”
I asked Jackie how difficult it was to focus on the actual game at hand with the lights, the cameras, and everything else happening on set. “There is a lot going on, and you are prepped beforehand about all the things you need to be doing and at what point in time. In addition to that, I had talking points, so if Gerry asked me a question, I know what I’m talking about. There is a lot going on, but for me, I am a games person, and I can think on my feet. You really need to pay attention!”
Question 2 – If a tree was looking for love in another tree, name something they’d say for love. Result – Taylor family steal!
Being competitive is not something new to the Keller family. The clan makes a yearly trek to Lake Nosbonsing near North Bay every summer for a week full of fun and games. It was one of the talking points host Gerry Dee brought up during his conversations with the Keller’s, and he seemed to be in disbelief by the nature of the competition. “We call it NOS based on the name of the lake. It’s a theme we carried through our entire audition process that we have this family vacation, and everything we do there is at the next level. We have an annual euchre tournament that we take to the next level with prizes, and everyone is matched up randomly with a partner. We track memories, keep stats on who wins, and if something funny happens, it’s often recorded so we can look back at it years later. It’s a big event for the entire family.” Keller says the family tradition has gone on for many years and has been a big part of their lives. “It demonstrates that we are a very close-knit family, and we enjoy being with each other.”
Question 3 – Just my luck. I ran into my ex the one day I forget to _______. Result – a chance to steal, but the Taylors win!
The Keller’s competed against the Taylor family from St. Catharines, and Jackie says the similarities were striking. “It was interesting that we had an accountant, a pastor, and a paramedic, and they had an
accountant, a pastor, and a paramedic. They were a very nice family, and we had a bit of time to talk to them.”
Dee has been the one, and only host of the Canadian version of the Family Feud, and Jackie says he was just awesome to work with. She adds that any other fun, competitive families should think about trying out. “The bantering back and forth with him what a lot of fun. And if anyone is interested in auditioning for season four, the process is now open, and I would recommend it. If there are any other crazy families out there, go for it!” Keller says she thought she would be a bit more nervous but adds she was in her element.
Question 4 – Name something you might not want because it's too much responsibility. Result – Taylor family wins and goes on to the bonus round.
Jackie made it very clear that despite the loss, she was grateful for the experience she and her family were able to have. “I have heard from lots of people. Many made the comment that we were the better team and should have won,” she laughed. “I was told we were a great family to watch and very entertaining. I was just hoping none of us would make a fool of ourselves, but we all did really well, and we are proud of how we did. Friends and family have been very supportive.”