Put a picture of your pet on Pelee Island wine and give back to animals in need

  • Community   Thu, Nov 10th, 2022   Veronica Reiner
A graphic showing an example of the Pelee Island wine personalized pet picture labels. (Photo contributed)

A graphic showing an example of the Pelee Island wine personalized pet picture labels. (Photo contributed)

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth (KWSP) has partnered with Pelee Island Winery to bring back personalized pet pic labels, which offers a chance to raise money for the organization and customize a wine label to feature your pet.

Customers can upload their favourite pet photo, along with their name, a message or a witty wine varietal such as “Caternet” or “Poocho Grigio.” The Pelee Island Winery team takes the information, creates a personalized wine label, attaches it to the wine, and delivers it to your door, with free shipping in Ontario.
“Supporters love using this promotion as a way to purchase holiday gifts and the ability to have a custom label gets our supporters excited,” said Nasreen, spokesperson for the KWSP Humane Society. “We have supporters calling throughout the year asking when the promotion will run again.”

Pelee Island Winery will donate 20 per cent of all proceeds to the KWSP Humane Society or the Toronto Humane Society to support their work providing rescue relief for animals in need. When placing an order, customers can select the Humane Society that they would like to support.
According to Nasreen, the KWSP Humane Society has done this initiative once before in 2021. That year, they sold 2,880 bottles of wine. All wines are Vinter’s Quality Assurance (VQA) and Vege-Cert vegan certified.

“There’s something about the community’s love for animals that makes these campaigns a big success. So far this year, we’ve been able to raise approximately $22,700 for Ontario-based humane societies,” explained Darryl MacMillan, vice president of Pelee Island Winery.
The funding raised from this initiative will go to help the KWSP animals with care, including vaccines, medical treatment and surgeries. The initiative will run until November 30.

“We are constantly humbled by the support that our communities give us. We hope that through promotions like this with Pelee Island Winery, the community will learn more about the services that we provide to the community and help animals in our care in the process,” said Nasreen.
Those who are interested in this promotion can visit the KWSP Humane Society website at www.kwsphumane.ca. There is a minimum six bottle purchase.

“We are thrilled to partner with Pelee Island Winery again this year. We are always excited for opportunities such as this to raise money for people and pets,” said Kathrin Delutis, chief executive officer of the KWSP Humane Society.
“We participated for the first time last year, and the fundraiser was a hit in our communities. We saw people purchase these bottles for holiday use or as gifts for their loved ones, and they make the perfect gift for a hard-to-buy pet lover!”