Wilmot approves 7.7% tax hike in 2022 municipal budget

  • News   Thu, Mar 3rd, 2022   Wilmot-Tavistock Gazette Staff
A graph in the Wilmot budget presentation shows where each township tax dollar will go. (Photo credit: Township of Wilmot)

A graph in the Wilmot budget presentation shows where each township tax dollar will go. (Photo credit: Township of Wilmot)

By Wilmot-Tavistock Gazette Staff
The township of Wilmot approved a 7.7% tax increase for this years’ municipal budget, which will be an additional $78.63 on the municipal portion of the tax bills of the average assessed residential property.
The matter was decided at a virtual council meeting on Monday, February 28.
Part of this increase is what the township calls a “special levy of 2.83% for increased levels of service,” which includes 10 new staff positions.
These new positions include a sustainability coordinator, executive assistant to the chief executive officer, infrastructure GIS analyst, development engineering technology, equipment operator, public works license coordinator, parks and facilities technician, part-time municipal law enforcement officer, and part-time fire public educator.
“We have a responsible, forward-thinking budget to lead us through the year ahead,” said Mayor Les Armstrong in a release. “This budget demonstrates our accountability to residents and businesses.”
There will be a “dedicated infrastructure investment” increase of 2%, introduced as part of the 2020 budget and continued into 2022 in an effort to close the infrastructure funding gap. In total, $520,760 will be allocated to the township’s three levy-funded infrastructure reserves.
The township will spend about $14-million under the 2022 capital program, with several projects carried forward from 2021.
The Prime Minister’s (PM) Path Stakeholder Consultation Phase II is included within the capital program, along with a “comprehensive communications strategy.” Other spending areas include corporate security program investments, fire services equipment replacements, and safety-related projects at the Wilmot Recreation Complex (WRC) and Administration Complex.
The multi-year reconstruction of Snyder’s Road in Baden will move to Phase II, while a number of other roads construction projects will take place across the township.
Other projects include the design and engineering for a third ice pad at the WRC. Township staff are currently preparing numerous tender and Request For Proposal (RFP) awards coming forward within the next several months.
Water volumetric changes are proposed to increase 2.9%, and there will be an additional 2.9% general levy increase.
“The 2022 Budget includes an extensive amount of work that prepares us for growth in the future, while advancing on the strategic goals of the township,” said Chief Administrative Officer Sharon Chambers.