Wilmot council news briefs

  • Council   Thu, Oct 28th, 2021   Wilmot Post Staff

By Wilmot Post Staff
The following are reports and excerpts to come out of the virtual Wilmot council meeting on Monday, October 18.
New Wilmot CAO attends first council meeting
Wilmot council officially welcomed the new Chief Administrative Officer, Sharon Chambers, during her local first council meeting.
Chambers took over the position from Sandy Jackson on October 12. Jackson will return to her role as Director of Parks, Facilities and Recreation Services. Jackson has held the position since April this year, following former CAO Grant Whittington’s abrupt departure.
“Now it’s all official,” commented Mayor Les Armstrong, after the bylaw was approved to appoint Chambers to CAO. “Now, Ms. Jackson can go back to being somewhat normal.”
“Mayor, I don’t think I’ve ever been called normal, but thank you,” responded Ms. Jackson with a laugh.
“You’re welcome; we try,” said Mayor Armstrong. “At least you’ll be able to shorten your titles now, so that’ll be good.”
Wilmot staff pleased with third quarter building report
“The total number of permits issued to the end of the third quarter of 2021 was considerably higher than both the historical ten-year average and the end of the second quarter of 2020,” wrote Chief Building Official Terry Gerber in his report.
There were 44 permits issued throughout September, compared to the 34 ten-year average and the 41 in 2020. The number of permits issued so far this year overall (391) is already higher than last year (299), and the ten-year average (312).
Gerber noted that the number of dwelling units this year (33) remains on par with last year (31), but remains significantly lower than the historical ten-year average (64). This is due to “the non-existent supply of vacant greenfield lots.”
“Infilling and intensification projects have continued to buoy the residential sector along with a significant number of renovation projects, but delays in the approvals processes have/will cause a delay in realizing permit issuance,” noted Gerber.
The total construction value of these permits was $2,640,000, lower than last year’s amount of $4,180,000 and below the ten-year average of $3,290,500.